Elizabeth “Buffy” Ferguson

has over ten years of residential and commercial interior design experience. Buffy attended the University of Georgia for Fashion Merchandizing and Auburn University for Apparel and Textile Design. She has lent her keen eye and perspective to over forty design projects.

Buffy’s vision for each of her projects is rooted in her commitment to creating an environment that reflects the individual personality of each client. Buffy brings an elevated design eye and hands on approach to each project which ensures that the final outcome reflects her client’s distinctive needs.

Always with her client’s personality in mind, Buffy has designed numerous residential and commercial spaces in the Atlanta area and beyond. Hallmark to Buffy’s work is a pointed elegance, a refined sensibility and an authentic, lived-in comfort. She creates relaxing, comfortable, inviting spaces that always have an edge – a perfect blend of clean lines, eclectic touches and unexpected objects.

Buffy’s work displays her innate attention to detail. Each texture, layer and material is thoughtfully selected to craft a harmonious pallet and timeless space. No detail is without intent – every object with a purpose, every corner appointed with an edited eye. Buffy’s approach inspires depth, intrigue and delight in every space she touches.

Buffy was born and raised in Newnan, GA. During her childhood she learned the ins and outs of interior design from her mother. Now, as a mother of four, Buffy and her family enjoy residing in the ever-changing community of West Point, GA. For several years, Buffy has been instrumental in the urban redevelopment of the town she now calls home. As the Designer for the West Point Downtown development authority, Buffy helped reshape and change the face of West Point.

Buffy considers a successful project to be when a space evolves into an authentic environment. An environment where people gather to celebrate. A retreat with personality and warmth. A sanctuary with inviting spaces, relaxed elegance and meaningful objects. An environment where friends come together, families are raised and the beauty of everyday life unfolds.


Founded in 2006 by Buffy Ferguson, Elizabeth Ferguson Design is a full-service boutique interior design firm with a focus on residential and commercial projects. Our services include planning, interior and architectural design, and project management. 

In Partnership

The work at Elizabeth Ferguson Design is a culmination of many talented hands. Buffy has curated a superior team of experts with a range of experience and expertise.



  • Kaegi Interiors Nashville Tn 2018

  • Kelly Interiors Atlanta GA 2018

  • Janas Renovation Newnan Ga 2018

  • Arnall New Home Newnan Ga 2018

  • Gay Interiors Lake Rabun 2018

  • Scoggins Renovation Moreland Ga 2018

  • Whitsit New Home - 2014
    Newnan, Ga

  • Lanier Hospital Interiors - 2013
    Valley, Al

  • Coach's Commercial Interiors - 2016
    West Point, Ga

  • Behm Interiors - 2016
    Newnan, Ga

  • Gay Interiors - 2017
    Atlanta, Ga

  • Bohannon Interiors - 2016
    Newnan, Ga

  • Drake Interiors - 2016
    Newnan, Ga

  • Frazier Interiors - 2016
    Newnan, Ga

  • Martin Kitchen Renovation - 2014
    West Point, Ga

  • Cates Renovation - 2015
    Auburn, Al

  • Daniel Interiors - 2015
    Fayetteville, Ga

  • Brozavich Interiors - 2013
    Callaway Gardens, Ga

  • Robison Bath Renovation - 2015
    West Point, Ga

  • Johnson Interiors - 2015
    Callaway Gardens, Ga

  • Lowe Kitchen Renovation - 2013
    Lanett, Al

  • Doornbos Interiors - 2015
    Atlanta, Ga

  • Hayes New Home - 2016
    Newnan Ga

  • Aniker Interiors - 2015
    Newnan, Ga

  • Bohannon Interiors - 2015
    Newnan, Ga

  • Leeburn Renovation & Interiors - 2015
    Callaway Gardens, Ga

  • Cates Builders Home Developments - 2014
    Nashville, Tn

  • Ferguson Kitchen Renovation - 2014
    Gainesville, Ga

  • PF Moon Commercial Interiors - 2013
    West Point, Ga

  • Beall Interiors - 2013
    West Point, Ga

  • Alford Interiors - 2014
    West Point, Ga

  • Smith New Home - 2012
    Newnan, Ga

  • Smith Interiors - 2012
    Callaway Gardens, Ga

  • Railroads Commercial Renovation - 2012 West Point, Ga
    Ewing Renovation - 2006
    West Point, GA

  • Brown Renovation - 2011
    Callaway Gardens, Ga

  • Wilkinson Renovation - 2010
    Callaway Gardens, Ga

  • Ferguson Renovation - 2011
    West Point, Ga

  • Mcfadden Kitchen Renovation - 2011
    Memphis, Tn

  • Foster Interiors - 2011
    LaGrange, Ga

  • Vansant Renovation - 2011
    Callaway Gardens, Ga

  • Johnston NewHome - 2011
    Newnan, Ga

  • Moon Renovation - 2012
    West Point, Ga